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Proud of successes

I am really proud of the successes of the Wheels in Motion clients. So many safe and confident new drivers on the road! I've added some of their feedback below. Some of my clients have overcome some significant personal challenges to be able to pass their driving tests. I congratulate each and every one of them.


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Seeraj Bugren

"Harry is a very professional driving instructor, patient, and completely dedicated to his work with the candidate. I really enjoyed been with him and he took away lots of stress and exam pressure. Thank you Harry.."

Liz Keys

"Harry is a brilliant instructor, I have just passed my practical test today after doing a 4 day intensive course with Harry. Anyone wanting to learn in an automatic, I would highly recommend this gentleman"

Kirsty Oxenham

"On the 28. 06. 19 I passed my drivers test (first time with only 4 minors) after just a few lessons and a 3 day intensive and it's all thanks to Harry at wheels in motion driver training. I am astounded with myself and him, as I have struggled learning previously with 3 other instructors!"

Hannah Reynolds


"Harry was great instructor, I completed an intensive course with him and passed first time at the end of 5 days - I had picked up a few bad habits from private practice and Harry was great at explaining the importance of changing them and showing me how to. He was also very patient when I struggled to get the hang of certain things such as manoeuvres. He also took the time outside of our lessons to find useful YouTube videos for me to watch if there were any aspects of driving that I felt I was especially struggling with. Harry could be quite stern when I made mistakes, but his style of teaching worked out for me."

Zara Zee

"After years of weekly lessons and attempting to build my confidence up driving I decided to try a week intensive course. I have just had a 30 hour week intensive course with mock exam and actual practical exam and passed with 5 minors. Over the week Harry really worked on my confidence driving on the road and honing my skills with maneuvers. Harry had me driving on all different types of roads, teaching me to drive rather than pass the test in the area of my booked practical exam. I would totally recommend Harry as a driving instructor."

Anthony Goldwater


"Just passed my test first time with the help from harry @wheelsinmotion, his excellent teaching skills and courteous personality helped me tremendously. Without your helpfulness and directness, the whole process would have been more challenging. I appreciate letting me know what I am doing wrong along with giving me ways I can correct my mistakes. Is comforting to know that whenever I have a question you answer right away and also offer helpful videos to help with learning. I appreciate all you have done I am very grateful mate and Thank you for being a great instructor. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn from the best!."

Cait Wiles


"I chose Harry as a driving instructor after recommendations from friends and I was not disappointed. I have failed tests before and suffer with anxiety and nerves before a test rst. Harry not only got me to the level needed to actually pass my test( something I never thought would happen!) but has given me the skills to be a safe driver in general. Thank you Harry!"

Laura Evans-Hunt

"I have just passed my driving test 1st time with only 4 minors after having an 18 hour course with Harry. He is a very patient and understanding instructor and would explain where I had gone wrong on something and break it down for me so I could understand and learn from my errors. Would 100% recommend Harry if you’re wanting to pass quickly but safely."

Taylor Morgan

"Failed my test 5 times in a manual which got really frustrating so thought I would change to an automatic and passed 1st time 🙂 I am a very nervous and stressful person when it comes to learning to drive but thanks to Harry he was brilliant! He always knew how to calm me down and Made sure I knew there was nothing to stress about just ‘get on with it’ so bigs thumbs up to Harry. Thanks again."

Nicole Frances

"I am so grateful to Harry for his patience and excellent teaching skills that enabled my daughter to pass her test first time.  Harry understood the difficulties my daughter had with her confidence and he was always so caring.  I cannot recommend him enough and will always be grateful. Harry went above and beyond with his support.  Thank you Harry."

Hugo Baxter


My son is on the autistic spectrum and therefore was more suited to an automatic car/ driving instructor. We chose Harry/ Wheels in Motion Intensives because of this plus he has an understanding of autism and the know how to get pupils through their driving tests quickly. Harry delivered on this - got him through his “mock” and then converted it to a pass with the Canterbury test centre! We recommend Harry for anyone looking to pass their test quickly and intensively in an automatic car. Simon Baxter - Hugo’s dad.

Linda Beasley

"Have just passed my test at the age of 65, with no faults. I am really pleased that I chose Harry as my instructor. He has a very calm, professional manner, and teaches to a very high standard. His instructions are very clear, and he is very encouraging. He is especially good at calming nerves on Test day!I would highly recommend anyone to use Wheels in Motion for their driving instruction."

"I failed my driving test back in September with another instructor, and booked 10 hours and a test this week with Harry and he restored my confidence and helped me to re-learn all the skills I needed to pass my test. A very well-qualified and direct instructor, straight to the point, no nonsense, aiming to instruct students above and beyond test level to create good drivers worth sharing the road with. I'd definitely recommend Harry to anyone looking for an instructor in Thanet." - James

Declan Gowers


I would 100% recommend Harry to anyone who is lacking confidence on the road or anxious. My son has passed this week with him, first time, after thinking he would never be able to drive. Harry always turned up on time and behaved in a professional manner. 5. Corina Gowers - Declan’s mum.

Samantha Leng

"So glad I chose Harry for my intensive course. He was patient, informative and helped keep me calm and relaxed. Passed 1st time after 36 hr course! Can’t thank him enough. Would definitely recommend."